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What is it?

We are accepting rolling submissions as funding permits.

OpenSkill is developing high quality Open Educational Resources (OER) to improve student outcomes and lower textbook costs. OpenSkill OER promotes active learning and implicitly teaches essential skills. It is funded by a $3.4M Dept. of Ed. grant and represents a unique collaboration between the Center of Education Through eXploration and the Inspark Teaching Network, at Arizona State University, and the three largest college systems in the country (Ivy Tech Community College, Maricopa Community Colleges, Miami Dade College).

OpenSkill is supporting institutions to implement high quality OER, and providing up to $10,000 in grant funding, through the spring, summer, and fall of 2022. The team at Arizona State University will be providing services ranging from technology integration to learning design to course development in LMSs. Faculty will work with OpenSkill to bundle active learning tools (assignments using OpenSkill Tools) and curated OER (Content Packages in five disciplines) to use as textbook replacements at scale.

How does it work?

  1. Review OpenSkill offerings by requesting demo access (check the box for intent to submit for the grant).
  2. Submit your application at the end of this page.
  3. The OpenSkill Leadership Team schedules short interviews.
  4. Grants of up to $10,000 to be announced.
  5. Start LMS integration process with your institution. 
    1. We encourage you to submit this form early, even before you complete the application.
  6. Pilot and training launch with faculty and students.
  7. Increasing enrollment towards targets through Summer and Fall 2022 towards full textbook replacements.

Feel free to submit questions through:



  • Accredited two-year or four-year postsecondary institution, including state systems.
  • Unduplicated undergraduate headcount greater than 15,000 preferred.
    • Institutions with unduplicated enrollment less than 15,000 still eligible to apply.
  • Using an OpenSkill textbook replacement (Tools and Content Packages), starting Spring or Summer 2022, across multiple sections in at least one of the five available disciplines (preferred):
    • English Composition I & II
    • Intro Chemistry
    • Intro Biology
    • Interpersonal Communication
    • Student Success

Selection criteria

  • Primary contact a chair, dean, or administrator (preferred).
  • Faculty and administrator support at the institution (preferred).
  • Ability to implement OpenSkill OER (Tools and Content Packages as a textbook replacement) at scale with faculty.
  • Capacity and willingness to support faculty training and professional development.
  • Capacity and willingness to evaluate learner success.
  • Ability to implement OER sustainability models, such as course developers/mentors, with OpenSkill support.
  • Use of funds for faculty stipends/contracts to pilot, test, review, adapt, and scale content with training (preferred).

Grant Proposal Application