How does it work?

  1. Want to see ChemLabs in action? Check out our webinar with Prof. Michael Lerner from Oregon State University.  
  2. Sign up for access to the labs using the form on this page. We will provide you access to a demo of the labs for you to review. 
  3. Choose the labs you would like to use and sign up to teach.
  4. Our team will be in touch with instructions on how to get setup, most of which can be found using our Instructors Guide. 
  5. The cost is $50 for all the labs and $25 for 7 labs or less.

About ChemLabs:

ChemLabs was awarded the 2018 Honorable Mention in Gaming, Simulation, and Immersive Learning by the IMS Global Learning Impact Awards. Read about it and watch the introductory video below:

This courseware has been built by Smart Sparrow’s award-winning Learning Design Studio, in partnership with Oregon State University. Instructors get access to analytics, preview tools, and resources when teaching. And all deployments benefit from ongoing student and instructor support from the Inspark Teaching Network.

The offering is $50 for all the labs and $25 for 7 labs or less.

There are 28 labs to choose from and each should take students approximately one hour.

Prep Chem

  1. Lab Techniques
  2. Error and Standard Deviation
  3. Linear Regression & Spreadsheets
  4. Combustion Analysis
  5. Synthesis & TLC
  6. Metal + HCl
  7. Calorimetry

Gen Chem 1

  1. Absorbance
  2. NMR
  3. TLC and Elution
  4. Freezing Point Depression
  5. Osmotic Pressure
  6. Iodine Clock

Gen Chem 2

  1. Titration I
  2. Titration II
  3. Weak Acid Equilibrium
  4. Potentiometry
  5. Electroplating
  6. Entropy
  7. Nuclear Chemistry


  1. Amylase
  2. Carbohydrate
  3. Organic Group
  4. Calorimetry of Food
  5. Vitamin C
  6. Density
  7. GC-MS (Drug analysis)
  8. DNA Hydrolysis

Your chosen labs will appear in a Learnspace for students to navigate via an LMS or other tool.

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