High School Learning Experiences

Galapagos Exploration: Islands of Diversity

A series of new resources, adapted from the Journey to Galapagos unit in BioBeyond, has been created specifically for high schools. The lessons will come with instructor resources and are available to use now.

In this five-part experience, students will:

  • observe variation between species of tortoises, birds, and lizards across the Galapagos Islands

  • define and explore selective pressures including natural, artificial, and sexual selection

  • define and explore mechanisms of speciation, including allopatry and sympatry

  • develop scientific hypotheses and gather data to support or refute them

  • frequently use a 100-generation speciation simulator to examine the long-term effects of selective pressures and preferences

Teacher resources include:
  • Key Learning Moments,
  • Next Generation Science Standards alignment,
  • a Lesson Plan, and
  • a few other notes on Preparation and Assessment for when you start to teach.

This is an opportunity to trial new digital learning experiences and provide feedback to guide the development of future experiences. Sign up for access to the lessons, teacher support materials, and technical support.

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